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Freestanding Signs

The ideal way to make a statement to visitors upon arrival. School crests and logos, headteachers names and school specialisms and affiliations can all be displayed to maximum effect. Initial directions can also be included to get people moving in the right direction.

Panel Signs

A common method to promote the image of the school, internally or externally. As well as displaying site information they can be used to display, accreditations and affiliated memberships.


The ideal solution to promote your schools image, all manner of traditional and modern materials can be used to help you achieve this. Individual letters and logo elements are also a good idea to distinguish the various buildings within your campus.

Traffic and Safety

We offer the complete service to design, manufacture and install traffic management and safety signage to the required regulations throughout your site.

Wayfinding Signs

Essential in guiding, students, parents and teachers alike around the grounds of your school. Maps, braille and foreign languages can all be incorporated in to any type of sign, internal or external.


Today’s schools and colleges have to encompass a wide variety of functions. Primary schools and nurseries to the largest universities, all have to fulfill obligations to students, parents and teachers alike, as well as taking into account new business ventures, foreign languages and DDA regulations. We have the experience to implement these demands into signage strategies for new and existing schools.

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