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Traffic and Safety

We offer the complete service to design, manufacture and install traffic management and safety signage to the required regulations throughout your site.


Hotels promote a strong sense of identity, we can enhance existing or newly built developments with a vast repertoire of three dimensional individual letters, corporate logos and images.

Wayfinding Signs

Crucial to the usability of your site, a well designed wayfinding system can guide your guests around the area with ease. Wall mounted, post mounted or suspended, internal or external - we can help you find your way.


Promote services, events and booking promotions with colourful digitally printed graphics, designed to fit a wide variety of interchangeable supports.

Panel Signs

Internally illuminated or traditional panel signs, from the most subtle of illumination to the brilliance of neon,made from traditional materials such as glass, timber or stone or the  latest technology in illumination. They are all ideal solutions for promoting various services inside or outside the hotel.

Freestanding Signs

Hotels inevitably need to promote their image, services and directional needs. Freestanding signs, traditional or modern are the best way of doing this. We have always provided unique structures from the most rural idyls up to the largest inner city complexes.


The image of an hotel is an important one. It can portray class, prestige, elegance or cosiness. The right signs can help promote this image and also let the user know about the vast range of services hotels have to offer.

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