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Office Glazing

Add privacy, promote your company’s branding or add safety to your office glazing and external windows. We use various effects including etch film and a wide variety of colours and prints to help you achieve this.

Wayfinding Signs

After locating the destination on the directory, a user friendly wayfinding system can help the visitor find their way to any destination. ”You really shouldn’t have to ask for directions!”

Door Signs

Need we say more, every organization has door signs; offices, classes, departments, toilets, facilities and functions, you name it they all need one. They inevitably come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and colours and are very often interchangeable.

Braille Signs

If your organization has partially sighted users we can conform to current DDA to make the signs as clear as possible. To provide for more visually impaired users a tactile braille system can be incorporated into all wall mounted directional and door identification sign systems.


Wall mounted, floor mounted or suspended, what better way is there of immediately informing the visitor to the exact location of a department, company or section within the building.

Reception Signs

What better way of promoting your branding and welcome the visitor when entering a reception area or lobby. Individual lettering and suspended panels are often the ideal solution.


As part of our wayfinding philosophy, we can enhance your site with practical ideas using internal directories, displays, site maps, route markers and door signs.

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