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Freestanding Signs

A creative way to promote your complex as well as its events and attractions. They can also display additional information, such as wayfinding, opening times and contact details. Freestanding signs can be either illuminated or not, on a wide variety of posts or as a totally individual shaped monolith, all in a multitude of different materials.


Promote forthcoming events, shows and attractions with colourful digitally printed graphicss, designed to fit a wide variety of interchangeable supports.

Perimeter Neon

The definitive way to enhance your building against the surrounding skyline. Cold cathode neon comes in a dazzling spectrum of colours to compliment the theme of the complex.

LED Display

Colourful moving electronic displays, the ultimate way to present show times and any other important information. They can be linked to a central computer hub or by infrared handheld devices.

Wayfinding Signs

Crucial to the usability of your site, a well designed wayfinding system can guide personnel or customers around the area with ease. Wall mounted, post mounted or suspended, internal or external - we can help you find your way.

Traffic and Safety

we offer the complete service to design, manufacture and install traffic management and safety signage to the required regulations throughout your site.


Buldings to us are a blank canvas, we can enhance existing or newly built structures with a vast repertoire of three dimensional individual letters, logos and images.

Panel Signs

Internally illuminated panel signs or additional neon signs, using the latest technology are the ideal solution for promoting various attractions and services within the complex.


Leisure time is precious time, from Clubs to Theatres and Leisure Parks to Golf Courses. A good sign solution can portray the right atmosphere, whether its fun, exciting or just relaxing.

Leisure Gallery