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Since the early 1900’s neon signs have long been popular to sell beer in pubs and advertise casinos and hotels. These days, cold cathode neon is still handcrafted but is used in a wider variety of installations which include, high street stores, restaurants, theatre sets and perimeter tubing both internally and externally.

External Illumination

Swan neck spotlights are generally used on pubs and more traditional establishments. But nowadays continuous overhead lighting units using fluorescent or LED technology can also enhance signs on practically any installation. The best results happen when they are used to illuminate signs of a more three dimensional nature.

Text Only Illumination

Some of the most powerful expressions of identity can be created simply by attaching individual letters to a building and illuminating them from within using modern LED light units or neon. The light can be projected backwards to form a halo or through the face and sides. Many fascia signs are simply stencil cut and backed with coloured acrylic to produce sharp effects with or without the need for a three dimensional letter.

Face Illumination

From Shop fascias to large format retail outlets, they are all very often fully illuminated. Digitally printed flexible substrates and coloured acrylic background panels are fitted over aluminium signcases which contain banks of fluorescent tubes to create a major impact at night.

Edge Lit

By passing light through the side of an engraved sheet of clear or tinted perspex magic happens. The text and edge pick up the light to give an almost holographic feel. Ideal for those eye catching point of sale needs or signs in dimly lit corridors and rooms.


Stunning effects are easily achieved with the clever use of light. External lighting can be impressive, but internal lighting from within the sign or letters gives the most scope for creativity. Light can be made to seep out from behind opaque letters to give halo effects or give letters and backgrounds a wide spread of light that will radiate bright even colour.

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